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Ask Me Why

What is "ASK ME WHYTM"?

HOFS’ “Ask Me WhyTM” is an award winning patented tool born in the ultra-high-risk industries of oil & gas and is now available to all US industry sectors. This tool utilizes an individual’s own psychological and emotional connections to motivate and inspire them to practice the desired safe behaviors, even when working alone.

This simple to use tool complements any existing programs and requires no additional paperwork. The training that accompanies “Ask Me WhyTM” will teach and encourage your people how to connect, engage and hold each other accountable via their personal why reason to work safely, be it for family, lifestyle or even their hobbies.

Download the ASK ME WHYTM brochure here

"Ask Me WhyTM" changes people’s attitudes toward unsafe behaviors, it subconsciously encourages people to get to know and emotionally invest in each other on a deeper level. This investment profoundly improves the working dynamics of both management and employees, achieved because people begin to see each other not only as managers and co-workers but also as mothers, fathers, sisters, and brothers this positive change significantly advances employee engagement, team cohesiveness, productivity and staff retention plus further enhances your companies safety reputation.

The time for HOFS is now - Contact us today. You have nothing to lose - and a great deal to gain.

Ask Me Why
Ask Me Why

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