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Client Testimonials

This is what our clients are saying about the HOFS Behavioural Based Safety System.


Safety has become a very complex procedural and system focused industry. HOFS brings it back to basics, a very simple but brilliantly effective personalised approach that reinforces why each of us should care for ourselves, our workplace and the people we work with each day.

"I have been involved with this program before and it really changed my outlook on why I really work safe. HITS HOME."
Shell Drilling Foreman - Gulf of Mexico

We are promoting the program vigorously because we in management believe in it. Thanks again.
TG - HSE Specialist - Shell International E & P

Shell Australia

Shell Australia


"What we safety people do, why we do it and the cost if we do not is what the HOFS program is all about. David is a tireless safe lifestyle advocate; He truly sets the standard on demonstrating genuine care and concern. I recommend HOFS to any company who wants to find a creative way to remind their teams why they work safe and give their leaders a tool that helps them have the right conversations about what is important to them. My hat is off to him and the great success HOFS continues to achieve under his leadership."
Del Forbes - Corporate Health, Safety & Environmental, Corporate HSE Auditor - Noble Drilling

I don’t have a photo of my family here at work, and that’s my reason for safety. Thank you for making this available. I think it’s a great idea.
G A – NobleDrilling, Globetrotter I

We will continue to support this program. I know each time I put my hat on the first thing I see is my family, it does have an effect on those few seconds while planning my day.
K D W – Rig Manager – Noble Max Smith

I personally believe the HOFS program is a very effective safety tool! I am thankful to be connected to such companies and peoples who proactively take steps to enhance awareness and take additional steps to ensure we come home to our families safely.
William Allen Nash - Floorman Noble Drilling – Gulf of Mexico

HOFS is a great tool for getting us home safely to the people and things we love. Knowing an employee’s why reason for safety not only protects them, but ensures them that their co-workers have their best interest.
Gene Hunt, Safety Training Supervisor - Noble Bully 1 - Shells global floater of the year 2013

Present Group

Present Group adopted HOFS as part of the organisation’s behavioural safety program. Since its inception Present Group have observed a heightened awareness among employees of why they should adopt safe work practices and behaviours. This has driven a proactive culture where employees are focused on ensuring their own health and safety and the health and safety of others in the work place.
Michael Freeburn, HSE Manager - The Present Group

The HOFS system easily fits into our existing systems, especially our induction process without generating further paperwork, it also connects directly to the most importantly link in any team – the individual. In summary we believe it is the perfect icebreaker connecting all levels within our organisation at the most important level ……….. The heart level.
Brian Grimmer, MD - The Present Group

Present Group

Shell Australia

Blade Offshore Services Ltd

The HOFS safety concept is an excellent reminder to the individual. The system is easy to use and very cost effective. Blade Offshore Services Ltd were one of the first companies to use the system and we continue to use it today. Several of our clients have adopted the HOFS system when they have seen it in use with our Engineers. I can highly recommend it as an effective, low cost safety tool.
John Swingler, Director – Blade Offshore Services Ltd

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